Indigenous Engagement

A leading provider of Indigenous engagement and advisory services supporting Industry and Indigenous communities across Canada.

We help organizations build meaningful partnerships with Indigenous peoples for projects that may involve work on or near Indigenous communities or traditional areas. In addition, we work with Indigenous communities in developing energy and economic development projects to further their sustainability, capacity building and self-sufficiency goals.

Our approach to engagement strives to create lasting, authentic partnerships between Industry and Indigenous peoples. We understand that effective engagement is founded on respect for the legal rights of Indigenous peoples, their traditional practices, language, and decision-making processes. Furthermore, we strive to respect the intent of and adopt the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP), and further the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada (TRC) call to action number 92 for the corporate community.

We take an intentional approach to engagement guided by the following principles:








Cultural Awareness Training

Cascade believes engagement begins before a shovel hits the ground. It begins internally with an organization’s understanding, capacity and intention when it comes to Indigenous engagement. To build that foundation, our Indigenous Engagement Advisors works with clients to design and deliver cultural awareness training to ensure their employees from the top down are prepared when they are working in community

Our cultural awareness services include:

  • Experiential Training 
  • Conference Workshops and Presentations
  • Team Building
  • Custom Onboarding and Staff Orientations

Indigenous and Stakeholder Engagement

We help organizations build meaningful partnerships with Indigenous people for projects that may involve work on or near Indigenous communities or traditional areas.

Our engagement services include:

  • Indigenous Engagement Frameworks
  • Engagement Plans 
  • Communication Materials
  • Research, Analysis, and Engagement Reporting 
  • Community Facilitation

Economic Inclusion and Participation

We strive to work with clients that are committed to working with Indigenous businesses and identifying opportunities for economic participation and benefit. From equity partnerships, procurement advisory to robust contractor databases we believe that communities prosper most by working together.

Our economic inclusion services include:

  • Indigenous Procurement Strategies
  • Negotiation of Partnerships and Agreements
  • Capacity Building Programs
  • Facilitation of Equity Partnerships