Indigenous Cultural Awareness Training

Fostering a Culture of Continuous Learning 

Cascade believes engagement begins before a shovel hits the ground. It begins internally with an organization’s understanding, capacity and intention when it comes to Indigenous engagement. To build that foundation, our Indigenous Engagement Advisors works with clients to design and deliver cultural awareness training to ensure their employees from the top down are prepared when they are working in community.

We all left yesterday with a deeply changed heart and more questions. We left more enlightened and for some of us, needing to understand more. What you do does make a difference! Stay strong, stay encouraged. I am proud to have met you both yesterday.

- Training Participant

Experiential Learning

Led by our Indigenous Awareness Educator, Dr. Patricia Makokis, this participatory training covers the History of Indigenous Peoples in Canada, and is adapted to Treaty 6 and Treaty 7 First Nations history. This in-person training includes a grounding circle, the blanket exercise, a debrief session and a discussion on how to connect these learnings to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada’s Call to Action #92. This training is customizable and can be delivered for 10+ people over a full or half day.

Customizable Learning Management System

Our team of project managers, curriculum developers and Indigenous Awareness Educator can design and deliver a customizable Indigenous Cultural Awareness Training that integrates into your learning management system. The Cascade team partners with Elders, traditional knowledge keepers, technical experts and Ballad Training Group to develop an engaging learning experience customized to your operational region. 

Keynote Speaking, Presentations and Guest Speaking

Our team of Indigenous engagement professionals believe in a culture of continuous learning and knowledge sharing to foster truth and understanding among Indigenous and non-Indigenous Peoples. Our team of experts can provide insight into lessons learned with Indigenous engagement, recruitment, Nation development and major project participation. Our team has had the privilege of sharing our knowledge and experience at the Workforce Forward Summit, the Circle for Aboriginal Relations, and the Alberta Innotech conference.