Guiding Principles

1. Exceptional Relationships

  • Develop authentic relationships based on trust and respect.
  • Maintain a culture that is collaborative and transparent.
  • Understand the unique history and culture of the people we work with. 

2. Integrity

  • A corporate commitment to truth, facts, and accuracy.
  • Identify common goals and set clear expectations.
  • Execute projects on schedule, and on budget. 

3. Leadership

  • Commitment to the interests and inherent rights of Indigenous people.
  • Strive to be creative and innovative in our approach to projects.
  • Stand behind our credibility, where we say what we do and do what we say.

4. Safety & Quality

  • Safety is at the forefront of every project we undertake.
  • We execute our projects on time and within budget, without sacrificing quality or safety.

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